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Flatpack Democracy: A DIY Guide to Creating Independent Politics
by Peter Macfadyen

Available to purchase online or at fine independent bookshops including the Hunting Raven, Frome, and Totnes Bookshop in, yes you’ve guessed it, Totnes.

People have been kind enough to read and comment on the book and we were delighted by the article by John Harris in the Guardian. We would still love to hear what you think.  In the meantime you can read some of the reviews and comments below.

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Ammunition for an independent democratic revolution

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1. Foreword
2. Democracy in crisis
3. Why bother
4. Before we begin
5. Essentials
6. First public meeting
7. Choosing the candidates
8. How to operate as a group
9. Specific campaign activities
10. The media
11. Election day
12. That was the easy bit
13. Keeping the show on the road
14. Realities of life

We welcome comments and feedback about the book.

Thoroughly enjoyed this informative, inspiring, engaging and entertaining to digest it – Diane Louise Sharp

It’s hard not to feel dispirited about how vapid and dull local politics is …….This bright little yellow book is clear and concisely written, packed with information and advice. It will help you understand local politics, how it really isn’t that boring (gnome costumes, weekend ‘party’ retreats and wild parties?!), and how you can make a change for the better. – ‘Diamondflame’ on

What this book suggests is that the Achilles heel of the Establishment is not via a new political alignment at Westminster or a new political party, but rather right where we live in our parish and town councils …… potentially at least this book is a game changer. – Simon Carter on

This is an extraordinary book in terms of philosophy and scope, written with factual detail and exuberant encouragement to anyone else who may feel (is there anyone who doesn’t?) that local politics needs a major shake-up.  – C Morrison on

This little book is so clear speaking,, so accessible and sensible it has made me reconsider my stance of “all politics are a waste of time” and all “politicians are liars” it offers up the possibility of change in an ethical and common sense way. Thanks Peter bloody brilliant. – Jane Flood. Flatpack Democracy Facebook site

….. it is a great book. I finished it in the waiting room at the dentist’s last week and the bit about the shorts made me laugh loudly….. – Alex Hart. Flatpack Democracy Facebook site

Beautifully written, nicely illustrated, and with excellent attention paid to detail, Flatpack Democracy is recommended to any local group which wants to really ‘make a difference’ in their home space. – Joe Herbert, Freedom Newspaper


From ‘Local Governmnet Studies, Vol 41, issue 4 2015: “…. The main substance of the book is the provision of detailed advice to other local activists who might be inclined to follow IfF’s lead, There are chapters on ‘choosing the candidates’, ‘preparing a campaign’, a media strategy, and ‘keeping the show on the road’, amongst others. The writing is clear, well-exemplified and will be of great benefit to those who wish to make similar changes elsewhere…..”  “….it would indeed be a healthy democratic development if the major parties operating in local government were prepared to reconsider the way they operate and move away from the rigidities of their current modus operandi. In doing so, they could learn much from the approach of the independent councillors in Frome……”  Prof. Steve Leach.

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