Flatpack2021 – off to a flying start

Flatpack 2021In an earlier blog and newsletters Peter M introduced the Flatpack2021 campaign .

The idea behind the campaign is to support people to reclaim local politics from the systems and political parties that are currently failing them. Flatpack2021 will support communities to take back power by winning local elections, of which there are thousands in May 2021.

The campaign will work with groups who want to stand for election and, once elected, collaborate to make their parish, town or district councils ambitious, effective and responsive to their local community’s needs.

There is a meeting to launch the Flatpack2021 campaign in the South West this Thursday evening and you can sign up here:


I know it’s short notice but things are really starting to move quickly and you will have to be organised if you want to take over your council in the May 2021 elections. If you can’t make the meeting we will hopefully be recording it and it will be available on the Flatpack2021 website.

Next up is the launch for the North on Saturday 21 November and again on Tuesday 24 November for more details and to sign follow this link


These events are for folks who either want to work with others to stand for election and take over their council or offer support to others.

If you are not in the South West or the North of England and know of a group of people who want to take on the inertia and incompetence of their local council contact us at the Flatpack2021 campaign.

This blog has been written by the monkey (Peter A) not the organ grinder (Peter M) who is recovering after injuring his back falling off a ladder – nice one Peter M – get better very soon.

Onwards to a truly democratic future – Peter Andrews

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Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews is owner of eco-logicbooks and editor of Flatpack Democracy the book.

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