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People Power

People Power

Over the last few weeks I have started to write a short blog dozens of times.  Usually there has been too much to say, often someone else says it just as well before I get there. Last month my focus was very much on the groups organising themselves to stand in May 2nd local elections as Independents.

That was swept to one side by the extraordinary activity of Extinction Rebellion (XR) focussed on London.  They had three demands and it was the third that surprised and interested me most from the start: That the ‘Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice’.  My involvement led to speaking in Parliament Square and Marble Arch to introduce this demand, before very large numbers of people engaged in impromptu People’s Assemblies (these underpin XR’s decision making process and will be used to inform future strategy).

Meanwhile, over on Waterloo Bridge hundreds of people from the South West of England formed the core of protesters who turned it into a focus of a positive future for over a week.  Amongst them, Annabelle (my partner in all things) was amongst the many arrested from Frome.  This comes as no surprise and I am now inordinately proud that amongst Frome’s new councillors there were five arrests. Read More

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