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Is this a moment?

Is this a moment?


Trump’s electoral victory will have passed the vast majority of the world’s citizens by, too busy surviving. Even many in America – when they hear about it – will have simply shrugged at another distant twist in things beyond their control. For relatively few – but still a huge number – it will have been a visceral shock. A sickening blow to all they work for and believe in, leaving them full of fear. And for others it brings a moment of profound joy – opportunity to escape the remote power of the political elite who have promised much and delivered nothing.
As you’d probably expect I started in the ‘visceral shock’ category. Due to head off to Belgium and present at an event on democracy, my instinct was to hide under the bed. Now I am heading home after an inspired few days and lunch just now with three citizens of Ghent. In different ways they are each charged up with energy to confront and change political systems that are completely out of sync with the reality of our age. (A few years ago I’d not have bet on my sharing thoughts with an ex Belgian Pirate in Ghent). Humankind has got the political leaders it deserves – from Putin to Trump – because we have let them build and retain the political systems.
If (and it’s a massive if) Trump can be prevented from causing the mayhem and damage many fear, then the madness of America electing a deranged cartoon character as their Head of State may provide the catalyst for people to move en masse to reclaim politics.

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