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What does the Scottish vote mean to Frome?

What does the Scottish vote mean to Frome?

Many of those who voted YES in Scotland were primarily voting NO.
NO to the distant and remote governance of Westminster;
NO to a dysfunctional voting system of winner takes all;
NO to the disconnection between different layers of government;
and, I suspect, theirs was a vote of disgust at the failure of significant genuine participation in decisions that affect them.

This is felt not just in Scotland but throughout the rest of the UK (and most so called democracies). If Frome had a vote for Independence many people would vote YES with their hearts because they are fed up with a Planning Board at the District with one representative from Frome (who boycotts meetings); fed up with apparently arbitrary road changes arriving from the County; fed up with no apparent way of ever being properly heard. Yes, at a very local level we can make some changes, but the non-delivery of ‘Localism’ means we are hampered at every turn where decisions are greater.

So for us the one good thing that might come out of the Scottish referendum is kick up the arse of Localism….. but don’t hold your breath.

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