Flatpack Democracy



by Peter Macfadyen

This is where the whole journey started. Written by Frome councillor and one-time mayor Peter Macfadyen the first Flatpack guide is based on what is happened in Frome, Somerset where after years of missed opportunities, a group of local residents took control of their town council and set about making politics relevant, effective and fun.


Flatpack Democracy is both the story of what happened and an instruction manual for taking political power at a local level, then using it to enable people to have a greater say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Britain today has a dysfunctional political system. Many politicians are making decisions to meet their own needs or those of their Party, not the needs of the people they serve. The Flatpack movement aims to change that a council at a time.

Follow the thoughts of author Peter Macfadyen in his Flatpack blog. An interesting report by Peter appeared in the Transition News and IiF– gives you flavour of what it is all about.

We were delighted and honoured by the response to the John Harris article in the Guardian and the number of radical, intelligent people who bought a copy of Flatpack.

We can also offer a bulk buy of 6 copies, so you can start your own local democratic revolution, for only £33 including p & p.

Contents – Flatpack Democracy

1. Foreword
2. Democracy in Crisis
3. Why Bother
4. Before we Begin
5. Essentials
6. First Public Meeting
7. Choosing the Candidates
8. How to operate as a group
9. Specific campaign activities
10. The media
11. Election day
12. That was the easy bit
13. Keeping the show on the road
14. What can we learn

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About the author

Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews is owner of eco-logicbooks and editor of Flatpack Democracy the book.

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