People Power

people power

This weekend sees the first of three differing events for me that have sprung out of Flatpack. Their timing could not be worse because I have a load of actual real paid for work over the same period….or better in terms of the surge in people’s democracy that is taking place all over Europe. Both the plight of the refugees and the staggering way in which people have risen up at community level are moving. This reaction – often undermining national government’s crass fumbling – is real democracy.

Locally we have Justine Corrie spearheading an incredibly thoughtful response that she writes about here for Huffington Post.
Can Do Democracy – in Frome this weekend – capture some of that energy and heartfelt desire for better democracy? Surely the 2015 Transition Conference will re-energise the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who have taken the Transition Town model as a way to take control of the big issues in their own lives (that’s where I am the week after next)….. and then it’s to the beach for Flatpack Democracy Brighton (a fringe event to the Labour Party conference – an annual irrelevance where a new hopeful steps forward in an attempt to one day drive the dysfunctional ship of Westmonster).

Let’s see where it all takes us!

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