Onwards to 6 may elections

Dear Flatpackers

I expect you have already noticed that these coming elections will be very different from anything that has gone before and we think the main difference will be the increase in postal votes. So if you want a postal vote for yourself or think your family, friends and neighbours would prefer to vote by post you need to get a move on and register now. It’s very simple just go here and follow the simple instructions. It helps if you have your National Insurance number to hand but it is not essential.

A whole variety of Flatpack related groups will be standing around the country so to find out who they are go to the Flatpack2021 website. As ever if you know someone who lives in the parish/town/district where they are standing please forward their details so they can check them out.

We have also issued a press release which you can read here – it would help us no end if you could pass it onto to your friendly news outlet.

And before I go take a look at this picture of the Bude-Stratton Community Alliance candidates for the Bude and Hele ward Рwhat do you notice is different about this fine band of local hopefuls from the usual fare at local elections? Answers on a postcard to any of your main political parties?

Bude & Hele ward candidates

Bude & Hele ward candidates

Onwards to a democratic revival

Peter (the other one)


About the author

Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews is owner of eco-logicbooks and editor of Flatpack Democracy the book.

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