Non Violence?

Non violence


After delving into the potential wisdom of a more violent approach to creating alternatives to dysfunctional democracy, in Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Ghandi, I have moved on to a more peaceful approach: Blueprint for Revolution is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read for years. There is much to learn for anyone involved in trying to engage the wider public with a view to regime change. Sroja Popovic’s experience is from his key role in undermining Milosovic’s Serbian dictatorship – and he has gone on to train and support uprisings from Tunisia to Syria. However, many of the basic ideas apply as equally Frome as they do to Egypt.

Central themes include: How to judge what actions are worth doing while staying alive; making oppression backfire; the importance of planning……. and the ‘demons of violence’ – how (he feels) that when the violence is succumbed to, the whole process can be undermined.

Many of the books examples are hugely inspiring – especially those that use ‘Laughterism’ – undermining the pompous Powers That Be in ways where they cannot engage without looking even more stupid. This is as relevant in Frome as in dictator situations* as we work to bring more people into political discussion and engagement and need to show the system up for what it is.
*(It’s increasinlgy unclear to me whether we do live in a non dictator situation).

So far non-violent wit has my vote…… BUT it’s got to be edgy enough to make a difference.

[Along with many great books, Blueprint for Revolution is available from Ecologic Books where you can buy it from a man who pays his taxes (or would do if he ever earned enough)]

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