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For the democratic flatpacker

When setting out to democratically take over your local council (and mentioned endlessly in Flatpack Democracy) all the important rules and advice – such as how to register a ‘minor party’ – are to be found on the Electoral Commissions website. It has a sister site About My Vote which gives information to the individual how to register to vote etc etc.

None of the above are related to the interesting and important Electoral Reform Society which campaigns for a better democracy.

Some of the most interesting thinking about how democracy could look in the future, current ideas and radical thinking on the subject can be found in The Alternative website and weekly newsletter.

We go on about the Localism Act and the effects it could have for more dynamic and meaningful councils. You can download a .pdf outlining the main points in ‘plain English’ – a least that’s what it says on the packet.

The Isle of Wight Independent group created and published an excellent Framework for Change that is the equivalent of Frome’s Ways of Working and Principles rolled into one.

To find out more about Independents for Frome (IfF) go to their website‎, and Frome Town Council’s charming but rather retro website can be found here.

Articles from the National Association of Local Councils’ Magazine, by Mel Usher: These five articles, linked here as a .pdf, tell the story of IfF from a different angle – written essentially for employees of local councils and councillors. They are light and an easy read – enjoy!

There is a load more up to date and interesting material at the project, set up to help inspire and inform people interested in local level Independent politics.

Frome Town Council Strategy 2016-2020: A Town of The Future For The Future

Flatpack 2.0 makes various references to the town council strategy and how it was created.  The link to the document is here. Annual workplans were then created to turn the strategy into action.  A link to the 2019-20 Plan is here.  And the budget then created to allow the workplan to happen is here.


Further resources mentioned in Flatpack Democracy 2.0:







Great little guide from Ideal Bradford:

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