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The Guardian article certainly changed the pace of Flatpack life – Eco-logic Books are about to reprint for a third time to keep up with demand….  I’ve just been looking at our ‘data base’ of nearly fifty councils and contacts following up on where Independents have taken power this year, or are looking to soon. We’ve had innumerable requests to speak – fellow ifF councillor Jean Boulton is a Flatcap event with Yorkshire First in Leeds this weekend for example.

It makes sense to share ideas with a range of people and groups coming together, so we jumped at Unlock Democracy’s desire to come to Frome and have helped put together ‘Do Democracy – Take back power and politics in 2015’ on September 13th – hoping to draw in the crowds with top speakers, Flatpack thoughts and plenty of time to hear where others are at.  You can book (its free) through the link above…

This is rapidly followed by Flatpack Brighton’s emergence at the People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove’s event from 25-27 Sept with a mass of great stuff possibly including “a…. Fancy Dress Life of Brian inspired Punch & Judy Panto on the beach…. (it is Brighton)….

Then on October 21st I’m making more serious links to climate change and Independent politics with George Ferguson and others at ‘The Uncertain Word – Question Time’….
And in the background 17 Frome Independents are tearing up rule books, dissolving committees and starting all over again with some inspiring new ways of making things really work….maybe the material for Flatpack II – the sequel!


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Social activist, ex Mayor and Leader of Frome Town Council, author, public speaker, undertaker, grandfather.

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