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As the crew of good ship Boris settle into cabinet by waving wads of notes at the rest of us through the portholes, it slowly dawns that a fully blown coup has just occurred while most to the nation was looking for ice creams. Possibly even the crew and captain have not yet realised the ship is owned by Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Arron Banks, who are firmly in charge of the sat nav.

The trail of obscenity that got us to this place looks like this: Around a quarter of available voters make the decision to leave Europe; even fewer give us a minority government propped up by a Northern Irish minority party who’s views make Rees Mogg look modern; and finally less than half of one percent give us Boris.Yet we seem totally and utterly powerless to do anything, even to protest! The next acts will surely be to destroy any remaining relationship with Europe, alienate most of parliament, then hold an election in which all the Brexit Party deserters can return home.

My personal response has also been in part to return home: to the local. Now no longer a Town Councillor, I’ve enjoyed even more freedom to champion DIY community politics at places like the STIR to Action Festival and Happiness in a Time of Crisis. The former brought an impressive array of sensible ways to do economics to a field near Frome for three days and the latter focussed around the thinking of Helena Norberg-Hodge, whose new book Local is our Future I’m now enjoying.

In promoting the reclaiming of politics at a local level, I also constantly have in mind the essential benefits this will bring us of a resilient joined up community. Something we will definitely need as the shit-storm of a no-deal Brexit acts as a rehearsal for the much more existential impact of climate change, that (to end where I started), the crew of good ship Boris still think is a jolly good weaze. Enjoy your ice-cream.

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Peter Macfadyen

Social activist, ex Mayor and Leader of Frome Town Council, author, public speaker, undertaker, grandfather.

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    Dear Peter,

    Sorry ti try and contact you this way but l cat locate a direct mail address – and this is really is quite urgent

    l heard you on Radio 5 this morning and was delighted.

    l have been working on a similar political reform project

    It has a national application.

    Certain aspects are confidential at the moment so l can’t go into too much detail but it is simple, realistic and practicable.

    lt would permanently end the corruption and distortion brought into national politics by the party system – and the dreadful partisan mismanagement of our country that flows therefrom.

    If ever the time was ripe for a change in national politics it is now but time is ticking on and l have no idea how to get it to a wider audience. You obviously have.

    l am in Suffolk but happy to pop down to see you, so if you could spare an hour l would like to come and see you as a matter of urgency to discuss the concept and seek your opinion.

    Best regards

    Chris Lowton

    07746 270900

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