Annabelle (my lifetime and political partner) and I returned 10 days ago from a week with the Alternative Party in Denmark. At the core of this trip was an invitation to perform at their AGM – primarily to members, some of whom are intending to stand in next year’s council elections. (The Alternative Party entered politics the ‘wrong way up’ – starting 3 years ago by getting 10 MPs elected, and only later concerning themselves with building party structure and representation at other levels). I use the word ‘perform’ because it was made clear that they did not want a lecture or talk, but something to enthuse and inspire as well as enlighten.

We chose to tell the tale of 30 years of activism in Frome – community engagement in various ways, as well as my more recently activity with Independents for Frome

As we put this together the relative importance of the community compared to the elected council became more and more obvious. The experience has further strengthened my clear conviction that the role of a council, as just one cog in the wider community, is to support initiatives which have their roots firmly with the people. Councils and councillors come and go – generations of people in a community remain. I realise this is not a novel thought – but perhaps working to position the council so clearly in the background (as we are doing in Frome) is less common.

I was deeply inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the Alternative Danes. As we were there our son Ben was with many others at Standing Rock engaged in a protest which has brought indigenous people across the planet out to say ‘enough is enough’. Where is the link? For me it is in the conclusion of Naomi Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything’ which is that it will only be when the vast mass of ‘ordinary’ people link together their disparate movements that the essential changes required to enable a sustainable future are achieved. The ‘ordinary’ Danes looking to radically change politics; the Sioux of Standing Rock; the Maori who supported them from afar; the movement pushing companies to divest from fossil fuels….. all these are saying that the system is fucked and their unlikely alliance – along with millions of other causes – has to be the hope amongst a fair degree of hopelessness.

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Peter Macfadyen

Social activist, ex Mayor and Leader of Frome Town Council, author, public speaker, undertaker, grandfather.

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