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I am very aware of not having written here for a while.  Mainly this is because I am busy writing Flatpack 2 (This Time it’s Personal) but also because I’ve been frantically busy communicating in other ways.  This has involved events with George Monbiot in Bristol; at the Economics of Happiness; the Tree Conference in Frome and most recently with Forum 21 in Minehead.  The most impressive thing about all of these has been the appetite for conversation, information and engagement.  This is equally true in the ones with ‘big names’ as those brought together from within their communities.

Perhaps two things are converging?  After the debacle of the Brexit referendum, is there an unconscious desire to be better informed, should anyone ever ask us for an opinion again?  And, as we are bombarded daily with information regarding the future (or lack of it) of a human presence on the planet, a sense that we need to really engage?

As I type, a posse of people from Frome are making their way to the kick off of Extinction Rebellion in London.  Their website starts ‘TELL THE TRUTH….  CLIMATE CHANGE = MASS MURDER’.  The Frome group are going as a result of the meeting held in Frome Town Hall as part of our Uprising series.  They did indeed tell the truth – and mighty uncomfortable it was (see my previous blog).

Many of this initial party have been engaged with conversations, workshops, meetings and events in Frome for over a decade.  Working on themselves and others in the slow unravelling of the stories we’ve been told about growth, happiness through consumption and the possibility that we can continue to live as we have done for decades.  This work has often been linked Joanna Macy’s ‘work that reconnects‘ that forces engagement with humankind’s insane distruction of our biosphere.  And to that of the Transition Town Movement.  Transition has focussed minds on climate change, peak oil and the limits to growth all over the world – perhaps in doing so it has helped create foundations from which the dedicated action of Extinction Rebellion will really take hold in the next few weeks….. and perhaps that will force a government which continues to demonstrate a complete and utter contempt for their moral duty towards future generations, to turn and face the catastrophe approaching.

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Peter Macfadyen

Social activist, ex Mayor and Leader of Frome Town Council, author, public speaker, undertaker, grandfather.

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  • Thanks once again Peter. Its difficult to comprehend how or why we would continue to participate in our own genocide! As a father; a grandfather; a citizen; an intelligent human being I feel deeply ashamed. Politicians lamely seek to persuade us that changing our allegiance will offer us new hope but all that seems laughably irrelevant. The centre ground of British Politics is hopelessly lacking real vision and leadership. The right and left wings would each seek to take us back 30 years.

    It seems the choice is either system change or system collapse. There are so many vested interests at stake that will resist the former I fear we may have to go to the edge.

    Schumacher had it right.

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