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Flatpack Democracy 2.0, published Sept 2019, tells the story of what happened between 2014 and today. It tells how, freed from the shackles of party politics, Independents for Frome swept the board at the local elections of 2015 and 2019. It also draws on the experiences of other places who have gone independent and provides the tools for taking positive action to reclaim local politi

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The Flatpack 2021 campaign supports people and communities to reclaim local politics from the systems and political parties that are currently failing them. They are supporting communities to take back power by winning local elections in May 2021. They work with groups who want to stand for election (or support others in their campaigns) and who once elected will collaborate to make their parish, town or district councils ambitious, effective and responsive to their local community’s needs. Check them out now 


Flatpack Democracy, published 2014, describes how a group of local residents in Frome, took control of their town council and set about making politics relevant, effective and fun.

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You don’t need to have read Flatpack Democracy before you start on Flatpack Democracy 2.0. Each book stands on its own.

People have been kind enough to read and comment on the first book, Flatpack Democracy, and we were delighted by the article by John Harris in the Guardian. We would love to hear what you think.

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