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Onwards to 6 may elections
Virtual Pub Quiz at the Flatpack Arms
Flatpack2021 – off to a flying start
Indy Monmouth

Onwards to 6 may elections

Dear Flatpackers

I expect you have already noticed that these coming elections will be very different from anything that has gone before and we think the main difference will be the increase in postal votes. So if you want a postal vote for yourself or think your family, friends and neighbours would prefer to vote by post you need to get a move on and register now. It’s very simple just go here and follow the simple instructions. It helps if you have your National Insurance number to hand but it is not essential.

A whole variety of Flatpack related groups will be standing around the country so to find out who they are go to the Flatpack2021 website. As ever if you know someone who lives in the parish/town/district where they are standing please forward their details so they can check them out.

We have also issued a press release which you can read here – it would help us no end if you could pass it onto to your friendly news outlet.

And before I go take a look at this picture of the Bude-Stratton Community Alliance candidates for the Bude and Hele ward – what do you notice is different about this fine band of local hopefuls from the usual fare at local elections? Answers on a postcard to any of your main political parties?

Bude & Hele ward candidates

Bude & Hele ward candidates

Onwards to a democratic revival

Peter (the other one)


Virtual Pub Quiz at the Flatpack Arms

A packed January hurtles to a climactic close with the Flatpack 2021 Summit, more of which later. 

 But, before it does, and to prove that we at Flatpack Towers are not just about dealing with manifestoes and overcoming mindless bureaucracy, the Flatpack Arms throws open its doors on Thursday 28 January at 7.00pm for our first-ever Virtual Pub Quiz 

The quiz has been put together by renowned quizmaster Peter Barden; there are no teams and it is open to all. So pull up a comfy chair, fire up the laptop, pour a relaxing drink and pit your wits against our renowned questioneers. For your entertainment we have rounds hosted by comedians Heydon Prowse and Miles Jupp, poet Iona Lee and John Harris of the Guardian as well as our own Flatpack 2021 team. Spoiler alert – you might expect a little politics to creep into the questions asked.

It’s absolutely free to take part but you need to register at Eventbrite to get all the Zoom link details etc – as soon as possible please – just follow this link. And, just like the Flatpack 2021 campaign, it is inclusive and open to all who care about local democracy – so feel free to tell your friends, colleagues and neighbours and send them the link. You could even create a WhatsApp group and work together to answer the questions.

 As mentioned earlier Flatpack2021 rounds off the year with the Flatpack 2021 Summit. This is an event for groups or individuals, working together, who expect to stand as an independent group in May 2021.

 The latest word from Robert Jenrick the minister in so-called charge of these things is that elections will go ahead in May as planned. However with this current government’s habit of switching direction and policy to suit themselves and their general incompetence, who knows. But whenever elections are called we need to be ready and the Flatpack Summit, bursting with brilliant workshops, will help you plan your campaign. 

 It is free to attend but you need to register, as early as possible please, so we can tailor the summit so you get the most out of it. Follow this link to sign up.

Meanwhile Peter Macfadyen has been attending meetings with groups heading off down the Flatpack Democracy route. He has virtually visited, to name but a few, the good people of Cambridge, Isle of Wight, Hull and Hexham. Think of all that carbon saved. More details of what’s happening, when, where and how you can join in the fun as local communities reclaim local democracy, can always be found on the Flatpack 2021 website.

So until Thursday 28 January, when we look forward to meeting you at the Flatpack Arms, for the Virtual Pub Quiz and what should be a great evening, stay safe. 

Peter Andrews


Flatpack2021 – off to a flying start

Flatpack 2021In an earlier blog and newsletters Peter M introduced the Flatpack2021 campaign .

The idea behind the campaign is to support people to reclaim local politics from the systems and political parties that are currently failing them. Flatpack2021 will support communities to take back power by winning local elections, of which there are thousands in May 2021.

The campaign will work with groups who want to stand for election and, once elected, collaborate to make their parish, town or district councils ambitious, effective and responsive to their local community’s needs.

There is a meeting to launch the Flatpack2021 campaign in the South West this Thursday evening and you can sign up here:

I know it’s short notice but things are really starting to move quickly and you will have to be organised if you want to take over your council in the May 2021 elections. If you can’t make the meeting we will hopefully be recording it and it will be available on the Flatpack2021 website.

Next up is the launch for the North on Saturday 21 November and again on Tuesday 24 November for more details and to sign follow this link

These events are for folks who either want to work with others to stand for election and take over their council or offer support to others.

If you are not in the South West or the North of England and know of a group of people who want to take on the inertia and incompetence of their local council contact us at the Flatpack2021 campaign.

This blog has been written by the monkey (Peter A) not the organ grinder (Peter M) who is recovering after injuring his back falling off a ladder – nice one Peter M – get better very soon.

Onwards to a truly democratic future – Peter Andrews

Indy Monmouth

We thought you might like to read, in its entirety, the speech with which Rachel Jupp launched Indy Monmouth just a few short weeks ago. From a standing start – to a full slate of prospective councilors today – Indy Monmouth is the latest in a string of new independent, Flatpack, groups aiming to take over their local council.

Wish them luck in their elections on 4 May. Please tell everyone you know, who knows someone in Monmouth, to check them out.

Indy Monmouth, all at Flatpack Towers say ‘May the Fourth be with You’

Follow them on Twitter, their website and Facebook

Rachel Jupp’s  speech to launch Indy Monmouth

I’m here this evening because of a book. Flatpack Democracy and its author, Peter Macfadyen.

A little bit about myself:

I’m a mother of five. I have absolutely no time for doing this… but I figure that if we all say ‘I’m too busy’ what we’re all saying is just ‘I don’t think this is a priority’

And if the environment you live in and the town you live in isn’t high on your list of priorities, what is?

I’m from Monmouth – I grew up here, went to the Comp, returned here to bring up my children, and by a lucky coincidence (because they like it here too) I’m surrounded by family.

I got involved in local politics because of my local playground on Chippy. Now I don’t mind where you stand on this issue, the fact is when I went to the Town Council I was defeated. Not, I think, because of what I was saying in particular, but because of the way I was going about it. In retrospect I should have joined the Conservative party and started bribing the public with M&S vouchers in the time-honoured tradition, to get my way.

Instead, First of all, I went to them. Big mistake! No-one from the public ever goes to town council meetings, what was I doing there? A few councillors even deigned to look around at me, a member of the public, in the public gallery!

Second, I told them …

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