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It will be fascinating to see whether Syriza can hold it together in the next few weeks and months in Greece and set out a viable alternative to ‘austerity’. As the current model has been such a total disaster for most Greeks – and increased their debt at the same time – it cannot be a surprise that they wanted a change.
The Change: How? event I have already mentioned will “…bring together an eclectic mix of people from the arts, politics, activism and campaigning, media and everything in between. Alongside poets, musicians, actresses, comediennes, and spoken word artists you’ll meet politicians and political activists including from Syriza, Podemos, the Pirate Party, Scotland’s radical independence campaign, The Alternativet in Denmark, even England’s home-grown flatpack democracy in Frome, and progressive members of our more established political parties. To shake things up some more, there will be activists, campaigners, community builders and organisers – people standing up for equality and justice, for an economy that serves people and planet, for radical democracy, against oppression and racism. And for so much more. Each with their own story…..”
Through fundraising, careful borrowing and spending our meagre precept income in Frome, then working with the community, we’ve gone part of the way to demonstrating that it is not necessary to be cowed down by austerity measures. I accept the Greeks have a bigger challenge, but so often Esinstein’s “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” applies.  I am much looking forward to hearing some real alternatives to our increasinly hopeless staus quo – including from the Greeks – then seeing what might be relevant to Frome.

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